Handrill lesson "When you go into the outdoors, take at least two means of making a fire with you, necessary medications and an easy to carry knife."
Debris hut A debris shelter that was "home" for a few days.
Smoking ember hand drill The above picture is a cat tail (Reed Mace) stalk on a poplar board. The black band on the drill is the way I mark my hand drills as being the right density for making a friction fire (rubbing two pieces of wood together to make an ember).
Glowing ember When making a fire with the hand drill or the bow drill, watch for smoke rising from the wood dust pile rather than from around the spindle. When smoke comes from the pile you can stop spinning the drill. I blew on this for the picture to reveal the coal.
Bow string from a single leaf I have come up with a unique bow drill method using a "finger loop" to provide tension for soft spindles such as the cat tail. The string is made from a single leaf. This cord was used to make 4 coals. A  hard board and soft drill allows more fires before cutting new depressions and notches in the fire board.
A modified paiute This modified Paiute trap uses a single leaf cord that I previously used to make a bow drill fire. I looped the cord over the trigger because I did not want to cut it. The angle of the long trigger stick causes a downward pressure on the bait stick.
Broiling fish A pan fish (blue gill) broiled on a sweet gum basket over coals.
Student has made an ember with a bow drill and is blowing the ember into a flame. Location is FDR State Park. To successfully make a camp fire you must put a lot of time into the preparation of your materials.
Fire with soda bottle Using a soda bottle filled with water and a piece of fungus to make a coal. See video. The indentation in the side of the bottle is where I "burped" the air from the bottle so as not to further distort the light
Fire with reading glasses Here I am using reading glasses 1.5x magnification to ignite saw dust to form a coal for making a fire. Sand a stick on a rock to make wood dust. (I love to experiment!)
See video
Fire with fresnel lens I am using a credit card lens to focus the sun light on "pine straw" to make a coal and blow into a flame.
Baked chicken with a strip of bacon (on clay platter), toasting the tops of biscuits on a hot rock, Steak on a stick basket, and just barely seen at the bottom is a spit with rattle snake and chicken.
Rainbow trout cooking on a hot rock

"God is great; and God is good;
Let us thank Him for our food.
Amen, and dig in!"
  "The earth is the Lord's and all it contains; the world, and those who dwell in it."  Psalm 24:1