Georgia Outdoor Survival Skills

Private Lessons are available.
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This class covers how to plan, prepare and practice for a man made (economic collapse) or natural disaster. Topics include "Food Preparation and Storage" including canning, "Sustainable Resources" with a demonstration of how to make a chicken coop for the urban setting, "The small survival garden". "Preparing for Power Outages" - with wood gasification, solar, and power storage, "Water Storage and Purification", "What you can use from the woods", practical ways to help others during a time of crisis.  


This course is designed to give the student confidence in the woods by understanding natural hazards and knowing what to do in emergency situations.  The following topics are addressed:
"What to do when lost", "The survival mentality", "Natural hazards and risk management", "Preventing injuries and treatment", "Camp site selection", "Natural shelters", "Water collection and purification", "Outdoor hygiene", "Modern survival kits". Student will receive a notebook of class notes.

"When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You."
Psalm 56:3 NASB

This course goes beyond the basics to cover "Fire making methods", "Fire making 'Outside the box'", "Knots and where to use them", "Signaling", "Maps", "Compass" and "Navigation" and many other things as time permits. Student will receive a notebook of class notes.
MAKING CORDAGE This course teaches the various uses of string and cord in the woods and how to make cord from natural materials. The topics covered are "Getting fibers from trees, leaves, and weed stalks", "How to make and use cord", "Knots for natural fibers", "Making fishing line and hooks"
PRIMITIVE FIRE MAKING The full day course gives a knowledge of fire making and materials selection for Georgia with a focus on friction fire making with the bow drill, pump drill,  hand drill, and fire piston. Also covered is how to make a fire with wet wood. Student will receive a bow drill kit and notebook of class notes.

The half day course is from 9:00am to 12:00pm and covers only fire making materials selection for Georgia and the bow drill. Bow drill kit is included and a notebook for the half day class.
TREES - PLANTS AND HOW TO USE THEM- This class will focus on gathering food from plants and trees.  "Making Collection containers", "Cookware", "Uses for plants and trees around the camp", "Medicine", "Plants for personal hygiene". and . Student will receive a notebook of class notes.  
PRIMITIVE COOKING  This course teaches how to cook without pots or skillets using natural materials. Topics include: "Cooking on a spit", "Making a clay oven", "Baking in the coals", "Frying and baking on rocks", "Sweet gum grilling baskets", "Fire lays for cooking", "The green wood grill", "Rock boiling" and "Steaming". Student will receive a notebook of class notes and lunch!
Bring an appetite!
TRAPPING, FISHING AND CLEANING GAME AND FISH  Animal tracks and signs", "Traps and snares", "Improvised Hunting instruments",  "Fishing and Fish Baskets", "Cleaning and cooking game and fish", "Stone and wooden bowls", "Preserving and storage". Student will receive a notebook of class notes.
Three Class Locations:
FDR State Park in Pine Mountain, GA

Harris County, GA

Talbot County, GA

The location varies based on the lessons taught, time of year and student requests.
What to bring:

A comfortable folding chair
A knife with a fixed or locking blade
A sack lunch, snacks and drinks
Leather work gloves
Insect repellent (except fall and winter)
A pen

Please, no alcohol, profanity or pets.

Arrive no later than 8:45AM to begin class at 9:00AM.

Directions to the outdoor classroom: From Atlanta take I-85 to I-185 toward Columbus. Take exit 25 "Hamilton" and then turn right. There will be a four way stop about 200 feet away. At the stop sign turn left onto GA Hwy 219. At the second church on the left, about 1.5 miles, turn into the church drive way, stay to the left and go as far back of the church as you can go to the outdoor class room.
How to sign up for a class:

Full day classes are from 9:00AM- 4:00PM.
Half day classes are from 9:00am - 12:00pm.
Discounts are available for returning students who have already taken the class.
1. If the class has not been disabled in the store, you are free to sign up for the class.

2. Download the student information form "student information form"  (for PDF version click here).

3. Fill in the form and bring to class.  I need a contact phone number to get in touch with you if the class is cancelled and I need to know if a minor is attending and the age.


4. Make payment for the class through the store using a major credit card or PayPal. This reserves your place in the class. Tip: When making multiple selections in the PayPal window, hit the "X" to close the window and return to my store to make another selection.


5. Bring a signed copy of the form to class.


Cancellation Policy - $25 cancellation fee per person for a full day and $15 for half day class. .